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What is MyWorkProjects ?
MyWorkProjects was created for the small business owner.

We created MyWorkProjects to be a very user friendly stand alone web based solution that allows members to manage their projects.
From Inventory to Stock and all aspects in between, including; Projects, Customers, Sales, Diary, Suppliers, Links and more.

MyWorkProjects is a small and simply Inventory hosted solution created by a small team of programmers.

The purpose of this service is to give small and medium size businesses a chance to grow their business without the hassle of costly payments to track Inventory, stock and projects.

Like you, we love to create and have found it hard to keep track of our Inventory. We would like to share our software with you.
You don't need to download any files, our service is a browser bases solution. What you see on this website are your details. No one else can see your inventory, projects or stock -- Not even us.
Also to keep your data clean, we are a stand alone solution - meaning no third party software can edit your details.

Get 12 Months Access For $20 USD (less then $2 per month)

Site Stats
Accounts 3,724
Inventory 68,111
Stock 21,558
Projects 13,280
Invoices 4,648
Customers 2,434
Suppliers 10,887

$2 USD / Per Month
for 1 person

12 Months Access
Pay Once And Enjoy A Full Year
Access To All New Features
Save $ In the First Year In Specials
Work Smarter, Not Harder (With Software)
Great Customer Support

Unlimited Inventory Items
Unlimited Stock Items
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Invoices/Sale
Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Suppliers


Why People MyWorkProjects

Calendar Months
Calendar Months
Calendar Days
Calendar Days
If you have a question/suggestion. Please Email Us if you have any questions.
We are also happy to accept feedback & suggestions (good or bad). If you have an idea that would make this service better, please let us know.

The payment for our service is once a year via OR Payment options once you login.

Thanks for your support

Kind Regards
MyWorkProjects Team

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